Waiting for the landlord

I am still waiting for the landlord to come over.  I’ve been cleaning the house and straightening up the yard for a week and things really do look better.  I tackled the basement–laundry room, family room and hallway–and now all I have to do is find somewhere for the folded laundry to go, pick up a few papers, and at least the landlord can do a walkthrough.

The upstairs is another problem.  It gets messed up as fast as I can clean it up.  I’ve scrubbed the front porch twice this week, picked up dog poop everyday and raked the leaves off the lawn.  The mail keeps pouring in, dishes get dirtied–can I ever stay ahead of the curve, or will I always just be trailing slightly behind it?

My hope is that the landlord will come by tomorrow morning, while I’m gone, which means maybe another 12-15 hours of miserable waiting.  He likes to come by on Saturday nights and to talk to my husband Skip for a couple of hours–not that he is a bad guy, but around here, Saturday nights are family time.  Alternatively, he could show up on Monday or Tuesday night after work, which means waiting for another 3 or 4 days.  It’s the waiting that gets to me.

Well, time to get running and start cleaning again.


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