Still waiting

Skip called the landlord on Friday and then emailed him.  No response.  I guess that means this weekend is not good for him.  Which is all right…it gives me more time to work on things.

Maybe that’s the point.  Instead of shifting into panic mode once a month when people come over, I should be working on this all along.  Which I do.  It constantly amazes me how much work it takes to keep a house clean and functioning.  I’m unemployed now–or should I say, not currently working outside the home–and I don’t know how people who work could get all of this done.

One thing I do is to try to pick up five things from each room in the house.  Some rooms are harder than others.  Some rooms aren’t really rooms, but more transition spaces–does the entry count as a room?  Does the basement hallway?

The other thing that Skip and I talked about was just accepting that the landlord was coming over eventually and on his own schedule and letting go. 

Anyway, it has been at least 10 days and no landlord in sight.


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