moving again

All right, so the landlord came and went.  Everything was fine, the house looked good, no complaints.  He did say that he wanted to put the new stove in but he has been saying that for almost two years, so why rush into anything how?

Anyway, my big news is that it looks as though we will have to move out of the house sometime in the next six or seven months.  I think the landlord is planning to put it on the market.  It will be sad, because we have enjoyed living here and we like our neighbors, well, um, most of them, not the crazy neighbor who goes around cutting everyone’s trees down except his own.

Mostly what I would say is that change happens.  If we can stay in the house until the end of June, we can get our son Tad through the end of the school year without too much disruption, so really all we can ask for is a softening of that change.  I haven’t been able to find a job in Seattle, so maybe this change is for the better.  It’s hard to know, isn’t it?


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