Early bird

I spent part of the morning grocery shopping.  Has anyone noticed how expensive some items are getting?  Couscous and oat bran–they used to be relatively inexpensive,  nutritional ways to pad out the old diet.  Prices seem to be gradually climbing for these and other favorite items.  Why would Bob’s couscous reach $5.49 for a 24 ounces?  Is price the only reason to buy?  Oh well, we like Bob’s couscous and he’s an ethical guy so I’ll probably buy into the positive hype and keep it on the table.  As for the oat bran…well, it turns out it is much cheaper than what we commonly call “cold cereal” although it’s not really cold, is it, it’s the milk that’s cold.  Anyway, oat bran has the added virtue of a reasonable glycemic index, which means my glucose doesn’t crash mid-morning and I like to pretend it is scouring the lipids from my arteries.  Better than a statin, I hope.

Anyway, I always think that shopping should take an hour (getting to the store, making my selections, going home and putting everything away) but unfortunately, it takes more like a couple of hours to do everything.  Shopping first thing in the morning is great.  I’m a little worried about the impending grocery workers’ strike and what that will mean for the workers and consumers like me.

All right.  What else did I do today?  Went running in the rain.  Took Tad to the orthodontist.  Paid some bills.  Donated money to the Seattle Public Library Foundation.  The Seattle Public Library has been very good to me.  If I had to buy the books…I would be substantially poorer.  So I gave them $100 to help match the offer made by a donor.  I love the library.  I also made dinner.  Did dishes.  Put dishes away.  Weeded out the newspapers.  Yeah, we have a subscription to the Seattle Times.  There’s nothing like holding newsprint in your hot little hands first thing in the morning.  The early bird gets the worm in this house.  First person up in the morning gets the front page.

I finally sent my chapter off to the working group and I am eagerly awaiting their comments.

Another busy day in the rainy city.


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