The List

The List: I have taken to making a list of things to do every day.  Or almost every day.  Sometimes I’ll just go with the flow and make it all the way to the evening and then think, oh! I should have written all this down, I got so much done today!  Which is funny, because it doesn’t really matter how much I get done one day, I get up the next morning and there is a whole new list.  It’s the old moving target.

The Paper: I have a stack of paper in my kitchen that I use for lists, paper that comes from unsolicited mail like credit card offers.  I used to have a notebook but my friends teased me about carrying it around and losing.  So now I just settle for an ephemereal daily list, which I also lose sometimes, and have to either make a new list or spend time looking for it. 

The Daily List: The list, like my life, lasts only a day.  The next morning, if I remember,  I’ll look at it to see if I need to carryover anything from day to day, and then I’ll shred it.  Sometimes I forget this last step and will come across old lists in all sorts of places.  For example, I came across this list for the day that I had a job interview a couple of weeks ago.  I was Superwoman, flying through the day, leaping tall buildings, and half of the things I did that day never made it to the list–Tad was sick, so I called the doctors office, called the school, called the school again because they didn’t listen to their attendance voicemail, took Tad into the doctors office (he just had a bad cold), left home early for the interview to beat the traffic on I-5, drove around a parking lot looking for a spot, found one–thank goodness I can walk so far–and waited in a hot car for half an hour, which wasn’t so bad, since I did remember to bring a good book.  

The only other thing I do with the list is sometimes break tasks into smaller steps to help me understand what I am doing and why it takes me so long to do something.  I have to pick up before I can sweep, move chairs and sweep before I mop.  Housework isn’t that hard technically–it’s just being organized and having a routine that helps.

I am trying to limit my time on the computer, since once I turn on, I tune out, and suddenly it’s three pm and Tad is coming home from school and I haven’t gotten anything done.  It’s all right to have days that are less efficient than others, but I hope my overall progress is forward.

Time to hibernate the computer and go for a run.  It’s on the list!


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