Today the frig!

It’s morning here in Seattle and I had hoped to go running first thing, but, judging from the rain, I think that will have to wait until this afternoon.

I had one of those awkward moments yesterday.  I went to get my hair cut.  I love scissors.  Nothing makes me happier than having a pair of scissors in my hands.  Warning: do not let me cut your hair.  Do not ask me to cut your hair.  You will regret it.  I have been cutting my own hair since I could hold a pair of scissors, including since my last visit in July with the result that my hair now looks like a lopsided haystack and that’s putting it mildly.  Sometimes when I think about calling my stylist for an appointment, the scissors leap into my hands and there I am, shorn again.

One of the difficulties is that parking is too expensive and way too crowded near where my stylist works and her prices are moderate.  Fifteen bucks is too much to pay–it’s half the cost of the haircut ($30 + 15 + 6 = $41 and you can see why the scissors seem so attractive)  In Seattle, residents are expected to give up their cars and take the bus, which would then involve a two-hour commute for a twenty-minute haircut.   Two hours and at least $3.50.  Oh, sign me up for that.  I’d ride my bike but although parking is rarely an issue where I go, sometimes it’s simply too cold and wet to be a comfortable alternative.

I had a meeting in the area shortly afterward (it’s really nice to have an occasional meeting when you’re unemployed, it gets you out there, mixing with people, and away from obsessing at the computer all day).  Anyway, I had to be creative and use an alternate way of getting there, which for me was running 2 1/2 miles one way.  How convenient is that?  To get my workout and in the process (in Seattle, we are all about process) save almost enough money to buy a latte ($3.52) to get me through the meeting.   I carried three things: 1) $20 for coffee, lunch or an emergency bus ride, 2) my drivers license for identification to get into the building where the meeting was held and 3) my Visa card.

To get to what was awkward–I didn’t know that my stylist no longer takes Visa.  She pays a certain percentage to the company for each transaction as well as a transaction charge and also what sounded like a yearly charge.  With the downturn in the economy, client visits are down , so she felt like she couldn’t let people use their Visa cards anymore.  This economy is hard on small business owners.  I can’t blame her, except there I was without enough money to pay.

I’ve known her long enough that we were able to work it out.  In about half an hour, I will head to her bank and deposit the money into her account.  Let’s hope that works.

In the meantime, today is Refrigerator Day in the Tracer household.  I am going to clean out the refrigerator for the first time in who knows how long.  If I don’t know, no one else around here does.  The first thing to go will be those well-aged apricots in light syrup on the top shelf.  Seattle allows us to put food scraps in with yard waste.  If only I could wheel the big green container into the kitchen, I could save a step or two.

So, what are the steps?

  1. put inspiring music on, for example, Hotel California, Fountains of Wayne, Abba (Mamma Mia)–anything that will help me get the job done.
  2. find a waste container
  3. open refrigerator door
  4. scream or groan (“ah! who put this moldy food in here?”)
  5. remove ancient and moldy food shelf by shelf (note: include shelves in the door as well as drawer)
  6. go for a log reduction (10% instead of 100%)–remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect
  7. immediately take the food out to the yard waste container 
  8. wipe all surfaces down with a dilute solution of soapy water rather than an ammonia based spray unless you want your vegetables to taste like ammonia
  9. repeat in one month–actually sometime around December 19th–and then monthly after that

Wish me luck!


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