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Mondays are floor days in the Tracer household.  If my family is home on a Monday, they always look surprised when I announce this, as if to say, why Monday?  Why not Tuesday?  Or Wednesday or any day when we’re not here?  I’ve often wondered why the floors have their own day but not the walls, so I have decided to designate Wednesday as Wall Day. 

The last time I asked my husband Skip what day he does the floors, he didn’t have an answer.   That’s because Skip never mops the floors.  That’s all right–I don’t think I really want to add anything more to the long list of things he has to get done.  I tackle the floors on Monday and work on the rest of the house on other days. 

I’m not going for maid perfect.  If you live in a house and have a dog or two, the floor actually does need to be swept and mopped occasionally and the carpets do need to be vaccuumed.  I suspect that Skip and Tad don’t like it when I clean because

  • I pick things up
  • they don’t like to see me working while they’re sitting playing computer games
  • I insist that everything has a place
  • the vacuum cleaners makes noise
  • they don’t like wet floors
  • it is inconvenient for them not to be able to walk wherever they want, when they want because they have to worry about wet floors. 

If they were to actually pitched in and do some of the work, this part of the day would go that much faster and we could all move onto other fun activities.  I haven’t had any takers so far, so here I am, maid perfect.


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  1. oh yay. cleaning is somewhat relaxing for me – keeps my mind off things. have a happy monday!

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