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The Daily Mess: how to make the bed

Monday is Floor Day in the Tracer household.  I should be vacuuming the carpet and sweeping the wood floor in preparation for weekly mopping.  I’ll get to it, but first I have to take this lid out of my back … Continue reading

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Don’t look in the closet

You never know what you’ll find.  I opened the door to the linen closet door and found sheets that I know I never bought.  To be truthful, I think they might be covers for quilts or duvet.  I know that strangers are … Continue reading

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Missing–one large bear

Missing–one large bear and Christmas ornaments–presumed lost in move from Alaska to Seattle in June 2009.  If found, please contact writer of this blog. In June, 2009, I moved from Alaska to Seattle.  My house didn’t sell right away–the house itself didn’t … Continue reading

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