Don’t look in the closet

A hundred-year-old closet.

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You never know what you’ll find.  I opened the door to the linen closet door and found sheets that I know I never bought.  To be truthful, I think they might be covers for quilts or duvet.  I know that strangers are not coming into my house and dropping off sheets.  Either it belonged to the previous resident of the house or it was given to us by our Italian friends who have since moved back to Milan.  Ciao, Chiara!

My bathroom does not have a medicine cabinet–fine–or a drawer, so I use one shelf of the linen closet for items that would normally be in that cabinet.  I’m doing well on sunscreen (all the way from SPF 50 to 100+) although I find myself wondering if it has  an expiration date.  The good news is that I’m good for shampoo and conditioner until we move and I also found a stash of hotel soap that I am going to donate to the tent city at Maple Leaf Lutheran Church in Seattle.  It may not actually go there.  I’ll take the soap to my church and they will help it go to where the need is greatest.

I’ll tell you why I am on this latest cleaning kick.  I’m always cleaning and trying to declutter the Tracer homestead.  Whatever helps me to get the wind in my sails, and this time it was that Tad lost a book.  The sad thing is that whenever one of us loses anything–and I’m always losing things, important things like car keys, my wallet, the checkbook–they have to dive through stacks of stuff to find it.  He had the book in his room on Tuesday night.  Gone without a trace last night.  His room is really messy, but the rest of the house isn’t much better.   I’ve told you Tracer’s Law–once an object in motion has come to a rest, it belongs in that space permanently.

What we have are a lot of things residing permanently in spaces where they don’t belong, which means that I can’t reach the places where they do belong.  For example, Skip and Tad are fond of starting plants, so we have many, many pots for starting our plants, some which we bought, some left over from previous years’ plants.  In between growing seasons, I can’t find anywhere to put the pots because the logical place for them is in a gardening shed, which we don’t have or in a corner of the garage, which is jammed full of boxes.  I could pole vault my way into the corner, but I’d never get out again.

Anyway, I am looking at our house like someone else might, if they walked in the door for the first time, and I can see what a mess it is.  I have nowhere to put this stuff.  Time to throw down the gauntlet.  It’s either find a place for the junk or toss it (or recycle or donate)–whatever gets the job done.

PS–you can look in the closet now.  It’s nice!


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