The Daily Mess: how to make the bed

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Monday is Floor Day in the Tracer household.  I should be vacuuming the carpet and sweeping the wood floor in preparation for weekly mopping.  I’ll get to it, but first I have to take this lid out of my back pocket–a lid, like the kind you find on food storage containers, which I found in my son’s closet, sans (or is it sine) container, and thankfully, also sine ancient food.

I picked the junk up off my son’s floor, which has been looking much better this past week.  I turned to the bed and realized that he still hasn’t made it.  I’ve been after him to do this for a week and last night he said he had, but for him, that seems to only involve putting the bottom sheet on and not the top sheet.  I did change his pillowcase for him but when he gets home tonight, I am going to ask again if he has made the bed and then stop whatever I am doing to go see if he has finished it.  

Making the bed:

  1. take off old sheets
  2. put old sheets in hamper
  3. take off old pillowcase
  4. put old pillowcase in hamper
  5. put on new sheets–top and bottom.  Bottom sheet is fitted–has elastic
  6. put new pillow case on pillow
  7. put pillow at head of bead
  8. arrange coverlet neatly over sheets on bed

Steps 1-6 are for changing the bed clothing, so really, Tad, you only have to do steps 7-8 everyday. 

I always wonder

  • why I don’t do other things with my time, aside from garner continuing education credits like a squirrel gathering nuts–I really wish I could find a part time job that would take me away from the Daily Mess
  • why the entry way to our house is such a disaster area
  • why there are all of these stacks of papers lying around
  • why doesn’t someone do something about all this?

All right, back to the mess.  Time someone took care of things.


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